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Response I posted to  a comment at my Blog from ‘rediscover911’ …
When humans realize the Power of Spirit within them responds to their freewill choices positive ‘and’ negative, and the human makes more loving choices, the game board on Earth is forever changed a.k.a. a world age shift, long overdue.

Please share the above message. Post this blog at links with information about these ‘engineered’  super storms, with the intention that people have a change of heart; see with new eyes and hear with new ears. Thank you!*1PZZ/massawakening.jpg

 Global Prayer & Meditation September 9, 10, 2017 to end geoengineering, weather wars, and ALL wars waged against humanity

EarthCam Network Camera List – below

Live chat at

Hurricane Irma Anguilla Cam (Meads Bay, Anguilla) Anguilla Cam – Barnes Bay (Barnes Bay, Anguilla) Coconut Grove Marina Cam (Miami, FL) Downtown Miami (Miami, FL) Florida Flight Cam (St. Petersburg, FL) Florida Manatee Cam (Riviera Beach, FL) Florida Marina Cam (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Fort Myers Beach, Aerial View (Fort Myers, FL) Fort Myers Beach, The Palms (Fort Myers, FL) Hillsboro Lighthouse Cam (Hillsboro Beach, FL) Jamaica Cam (Negril, Jamaica) Kiawah Island Beach (Kiawah Island, SC) Kiawah Island Golf Cam (Kiawah Island, SC) Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Cam (Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL) Miami Beach Cam (Miami, FL) Miami News Cafe (Miami, FL) Myrtle Beach Cam (Myrtle Beach, SC) Naples Panorama – Pier Cam (Naples, FL) Ocean Drive Cam (Miami, FL) San Juan Cam – Aerial View (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Sanibel Island Beach Cam (Sanibel Island, FL) Siesta Beach Cam (Sarasota, FL) South Beach Cam (Miami, FL) South Carolina Resort Cams – Beach Resort (Myrtle Beach, SC) South Carolina Resort Cams – Sea Crest Oceanfront (Myrtle Beach, SC) St. Croix Cam (St. Croix, Virgin Islands, U.S.) St. Lucie County Cams – Fort Pierce Inlet (Fort Pierce, FL) St. Lucie County Cams – Pier and Marina (St. Lucie County, FL) St. Lucie County Cams – River View (St. Lucie County, FL) St. Thomas Cam (St Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S.) Sunny Isles Beach Cam (Sunny Isles Beach, FL) Sunset Beach Cam (Treasure Island, FL)


Live camera feeds made available with permission to dsw74news from

Live Hurricane IRMA Miami Channel 7 News

Once again for this link THANK YOU JUDY!!!

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Comment by Maria on September 11, 2017 at 8:28am

I shall light a candle.

Comment by Doreen on September 11, 2017 at 1:53am

Yes LoveIsTheAnswer. Love knows there is only love or the absence of love referred to as evil, dark, Satan. Good and evil are 2 sides of one Consciousness, one Power responding to freewill choices positive and negative.

Satan is merely a lowly agent who ONLY has power if you give it to him.

Comment by LoveIsTheAnswer on September 10, 2017 at 7:04pm

I find it hard to imagine that Irma is a singular "message from God" (and all the other global disasters we have seen of late aren't).

"There is no excuse, no justification for the expenditure of the vast sums literally thrown away in the building of great cathedrals, palaces, places of amusement, objects of adornment. I say thrown away, because not one stone will be left on another when the human cyclone now gathering as a result of such unjust accumulation of wealth and unwise expenditure, has passed over the doomed territories. No matter how great the sacrifice, how unselfish the efforts put forth by those who have not become identified with the $ aristocracy of the day, toward the building up of some purely philanthropic institution for the use of the suffering, or for the education of the masses, it either fails of sustenance and passes into a receiver's hands,  or is seized by some modern highway robber and turned into another  "den of thieves." You hear moderately well informed people discoursing about the wonderful examples of charity set to the world in the establishment of some of the great hospitals, yet let some poor suffering soul apply for operation or treatment at many of them, and the degree of assistance rendered is in exact proportion to the length of the patient's purse". - Teachings of The Temple:


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Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality.

Get excited and give thanks BEFORE it manifests.

Be bold--and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

You are only as comfortable as you believe you deserve to be.

What you chase will flee from you, what you resist will persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

 In every moment is a choice of Love or fear.

The lie is to say "I did not create this"

Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it.

Do not think you can direct the course of Love, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours.

There is no need to go looking for Love when that is where you are coming from.

Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing.

You cannot control anything for which you haven't assumed full responsibility.

It is always only at the end when one finds that the answer was in the approach.

The very thing that is continually sabotaging your efforts is your attachment to results.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thinking.

Obedience in Love fulfills all lesser laws.

Renunciation is equivalent to possession.

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All rising to a great place is via a winding stair.

A lie is simply that which is its own evidence.

Just because something doesn't exist does not necessarily mean it can't be a useful tool.

Happiness is not an outcome - it is a choice - a choice of doing what needs doing right now with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

To find out more about your true purpose, learn to monitor and examine your thoughts and discover what your mind is presenting to you that is leading you astray or sabotaging your efforts.

When you are in alignment with your true purpose, what you KNOW, what you SEE, what you SAY, what you LOVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO are all the same thing.

If you wouldn't tolerate a robber in your house, why would you allows negative thoughts to reside in  your mind ?

 The ONLY thing you really need to "master" is the NOW. Everything you need - indeed all your control is in this present moment. Learn to go within the NOW and you will never go without again.

It is only in SILENCE that you will hear what the universe most wants to tell you. The rest of the time, that message is drowned out by the din of your own thoughts.

A sufficiently strong desire can bring you anything you want - but beware: Make absolutely sure that it is something you will love - not just something you THINK you will love.

One of the secrets of success is to always know the inevitable reaction that always follows any given action and be prepared for it.

You become what you think about most - and the greatest secret is that you will never know what that is.

Things are rarely what they appear to be. The universe is a paradox and so will only grant life to that which is also paradoxical.

We are reflections of the very process we seek to understand. Know THYSELF.

 If you wish to become the best YOU you can be, then the coincidence of the your reality with your own thoughts is the nature of the threshold to be crossed.

It is not impossible to understand that which is authentic and interdimensional with a mentality where such breadth of function is denied by ego.

The most important focus is on the personal ability manifest thought.This is the sole attribute of [a] man that will endow him with the ability to negotiate the circumstances being increasingly identified from various sources. However, it is not enough to “visualize peace.” One must be able to invest one’s libido or vital force in the posture of “having already created a circumstance of peace,” in which one has already transacted one’s life. One must live out a script which is not punctuated with a final period at death.

If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Be careful what you exchange it for. Don't invest your life and soul into something that will not benefit you.

Dream your life and LIVE your dreams. If you immerse yourself in your desire so much that you forget you don't have it, you will get it. This is due to the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Learn to go within and you will never go without again.

Learn to see the blessings in everything that happens. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, but you will find them if you look hard enough.



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