"The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your thinking"

In a sense, it could be said that "you are what you do", therefore, if you are spending effort and time "just trying to make ends meet", then you will become just another person "trying to make ends meet".

Conversely, if you spend a lot of time doing healthy things, you will become a healthy person.

All this may sound obvious, but how many times have you considered that you can immediately begin to improve the quality of your life by improving the *quality* of your thinking ?

What IS "high quality thinking" ?

"Why do I feel so bad/sad/unhappy/depressed/rotten ?" is a LOW quality thought.

Firstly, it is in the form of a question and therefore begs an answer and the only POSSIBLE answer can be:

reasons why you feel bad/etc. Do you really need reasons to feel bad ?

Secondly, it focuses more energy into the current state instead of into an area that could improve matters.

"Lord, please help me to always do the best for all concerned" is a HIGH quality thought, firstly because it indicates that one's attention is focused into an area which will not only benefit oneself but will also be for the good of all others and secondly, because it is in the form of a request to the universe which, if answered, can only enhance the current state even more.

In between, there are many, may levels of relative quality of thinking.

What and HOW you think has a profound effect on your life circumstances - in fact, it is DIRECTLY dependent!

Your actions directly reflect what you think and therefore, the quality of your thinking (though not the content) is visible and apparent to all. If you believe in miracles, for instance, you will be seen to do things which imply that 'you believe in miracles'.

High quality thinking means putting your thought energy to use in an area which will benefit you and everyone around you the most. If your thinking does not satisfy both conditions, then you are EFFECTIVELY either being of detriment to yourself OR to others.

INTROSPECTION is the practice of examining your own thoughts and investigating WHY you think them.
Your reaction to that thought can be one of four types:

That it will be:
1. Of benefit to you AND everyone else
2. Of benefit to you but not to others
3. Of benefit to others but not to you
4. Of benefit to no-one.

So in every moment you have the option to make a choice between fear and Love. Only the first action is Love - the other three are all fear-based.

When you choose fear, you react to the thought in a way which is either not in your best interests or that of others - or worse, both!

When you choose Love, you choose your reaction to the thought to be one that will benefit YOU the most AS WELL as everyone else.

If you are "in a rut", you will need to first ask yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing. Then, after having established the honest answers, you can work on the thoughts that are responsible for creating this situation.
As soon as you change any aspect of your thinking for the better, you will immediately accrue more *energy*.

If you feel you are in a state where "nothing just seems to go right", then the way out is to change your thinking so that the situation is reversed ie. "nothing just seems to go wrong".

"Alignment with your true purpose" is the measure of your quality of thinking. You will find that the more "in-alignment" you are with your real, potential purpose, the more everything around you will seem to be "conspiring to help you". What benefits the ALL benefits the individual, so when an individual assists the ALL, they are effectively benefiting themselves as well.

When one is in alignment, everything that happens is just MORE good news.

Hence the old saying "The quickest way to solve your own problems is to help others solve theirs". This is higher quality thinking than thinking purely about oneself, as this is the type of thinking that led to the situation in the first place.

If one can manage to put aside the illusion that we are all separate, it is easier to understand from the standpoint that not only are WE all One but that ALL is One as well. Each of us is intricately connected to everyone and everything else.

The highest quality thought I have found so far is this:
"I want to reveal the Glory of the Creator to All"

If "introspected", this thought can be seen to be very high quality because its intent is pure, it is focused into the most beneficial area possible for one's own development and growth and it automatically implies the necessity to first find out and then KNOW what they Love in order to show it to others..

"Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing"

Remember that it might be a case of something you SHOULD be doing, just not THERE, or just not NOW, for instance - the statement still applies

The transmutation of your thoughts IS the transmutation of your life.

There are many tools with which to assist this process:

1. Introspection (examining thoughts and validating/invalidating them)
2. Lateral Thinking (coming up with alternate solutions)
3. MirrorLogic ("benefiting from your mistakes BEFORE you make them")
4. Meditation (clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts and/or concentrating attention in the NOW, on the ALL.
5. Personal Inventory (Don Juan/Carlos Castenedas method of appraising ones true situation)
6. The Art of Powerful Questions ("change your questions - change your life")
7. The Art of Dreaming (Don Juan/Carlos Castenedas method of manifestation through dreams)
8. "Small Steps" (the practice of breaking down an insurmountable task into smaller, achievable tasks.
9. Positive Affirmations (which replace negative thoughts)
10. Listening to positive, empowering, uplifting music
11. The TV remote control. (Use the "Off Button)
12. The Internet (an endless supply of information, help and assistance)
13. Self-auditing (“Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth”)
14. Cast off your burden of attachment to results!

Higher - Quality thinking is useful in changing ALL aspects of one's life.

An it all begins with an awareness of LOVE.

Love is the answer to all questions. Love is the solution to all problems. It is the Light that shines from Heaven and illuminates the path of the Holy. It is the only thing worth living for and the only thing worth dying for. It is the very substance of God and all creatures have their life within it. It is the attraction between the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female, the electron and the proton, matter and spirit, the Light and the Dark. Love is the most potent form of energy in the Universe. It is sufficient unto itself - it delights in its own Presence. Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly Love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this. Love is a decision, not an emotion - a decision to choose Love over fear in any given moment. It is more intelligent than Wisdom, it is more attractive than Beauty. It is warmer than Kindness and more powerful than death. Love is watchful and sleeping, slumbereth not, though weary, it is not tired, though pressed, it is not straitened ,though alarmed, it is not confounded. Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength and pleads no excuse of impossibility It is a strange, sweet secret between man and God that can never be spoken for no human language contains the words to describe it. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. But it is much more than even that... It is all. It is all we need. It is all we need to remember. All the Universe has come from Love and unto Love shall it return. Work with all your Heart, all your Mind and all your Soul and all the gifts of Heaven shall be thine. For obedience in the Laws of Love fulfill all lesser laws. The first sign of the awakening of Love in one's heart is the most intense desire to give all of what one can for the benefit of others. We waste time looking for the perfect lover when we could be creating the Perfect Love. Let us not wait, hoping we will go to Heaven, but make it here on Earth, the way God intended.. Love cannot go where the Heart will not follow. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. They are our friends. Thank You for making our wish come true In Love, Peace and Joy and Gratitude, With Infinite Gratitude, All of Us

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Comment by Linda on August 26, 2017 at 9:02am

Such a great message. Thank you for sharing.


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The Ways of Love

Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality.

Get excited and give thanks BEFORE it manifests.

Be bold--and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

You are only as comfortable as you believe you deserve to be.

What you chase will flee from you, what you resist will persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

 In every moment is a choice of Love or fear.

The lie is to say "I did not create this"

Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it.

Do not think you can direct the course of Love, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours.

There is no need to go looking for Love when that is where you are coming from.

Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing.

You cannot control anything for which you haven't assumed full responsibility.

It is always only at the end when one finds that the answer was in the approach.

The very thing that is continually sabotaging your efforts is your attachment to results.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thinking.

Obedience in Love fulfills all lesser laws.

Renunciation is equivalent to possession.

To have what you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done.

The ordering of the mind is the ordering of the Universe.

All rising to a great place is via a winding stair.

A lie is simply that which is its own evidence.

Just because something doesn't exist does not necessarily mean it can't be a useful tool.

Happiness is not an outcome - it is a choice - a choice of doing what needs doing right now with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

To find out more about your true purpose, learn to monitor and examine your thoughts and discover what your mind is presenting to you that is leading you astray or sabotaging your efforts.

When you are in alignment with your true purpose, what you KNOW, what you SEE, what you SAY, what you LOVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO are all the same thing.

If you wouldn't tolerate a robber in your house, why would you allows negative thoughts to reside in  your mind ?

 The ONLY thing you really need to "master" is the NOW. Everything you need - indeed all your control is in this present moment. Learn to go within the NOW and you will never go without again.

It is only in SILENCE that you will hear what the universe most wants to tell you. The rest of the time, that message is drowned out by the din of your own thoughts.

A sufficiently strong desire can bring you anything you want - but beware: Make absolutely sure that it is something you will love - not just something you THINK you will love.

One of the secrets of success is to always know the inevitable reaction that always follows any given action and be prepared for it.

You become what you think about most - and the greatest secret is that you will never know what that is.

Things are rarely what they appear to be. The universe is a paradox and so will only grant life to that which is also paradoxical.

We are reflections of the very process we seek to understand. Know THYSELF.

 If you wish to become the best YOU you can be, then the coincidence of the your reality with your own thoughts is the nature of the threshold to be crossed.

It is not impossible to understand that which is authentic and interdimensional with a mentality where such breadth of function is denied by ego.

The most important focus is on the personal ability manifest thought.This is the sole attribute of [a] man that will endow him with the ability to negotiate the circumstances being increasingly identified from various sources. However, it is not enough to “visualize peace.” One must be able to invest one’s libido or vital force in the posture of “having already created a circumstance of peace,” in which one has already transacted one’s life. One must live out a script which is not punctuated with a final period at death.

If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Be careful what you exchange it for. Don't invest your life and soul into something that will not benefit you.

Dream your life and LIVE your dreams. If you immerse yourself in your desire so much that you forget you don't have it, you will get it. This is due to the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Learn to go within and you will never go without again.

Learn to see the blessings in everything that happens. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, but you will find them if you look hard enough.



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