How to Create Your Reality By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Choices, Choices....By Ann Albers ... And ... You Are Never Alone By Shanta Gabriel

How to Create Your Reality

By Natalie Glasson 

Master El Morya.....

Carrying forth divine blessings to you, I, Master El Morya, greet you. I am the guardian of the divine will and divine power of the Creator. It is my purpose to activate these sacred frequencies within your being to support your experience as an expression of the Creator upon the Earth.

The divine will and divine power of the Creator holds the greater plan of the Creator for all and the power to bring creation into manifestation. Divine will and power are in constant action within the Universe of the Creator creating pure experiences that empower, expand and evolve the truth of the Creator for all to experience. These sacred energies are present upon the Earth and within your being.

Souls upon the Earth can misunderstand the presence and purpose of divine will and power, thinking the universe will tell you what to do, and as you accept power, so you learn to control or harm others around you. These perspectives are illusions!

When you are willing to let go of your negative perceptions about will and power and how it has manifested in your life in the past, then you will begin to co-create in harmony with the pure will and power of the Creator.

What is the Divine Will of the Creator?

The divine will of the Creator is an energy expression from the core of the Creator filled with an understanding of how the universe, including the Earth, is synthesised, synchronised, and can remain in harmony and evolve to serve all.

The divine will of the Creator holds the ultimate goal - manifestation and evolution of the Creator in any given moment. When you access the divine will of the Creator, you are not only asking the Creator how your reality and actions can fit into the divine plan and ultimate goal of the Creator, you are also realising that you are an aspect of a greater whole.

 You are downloading an understanding or knowingness of the numerous fulfilling options available to you in your life and spiritual growth.

In truth you are always aligned with the divine will of the Creator, and yet calling this energy forth allows your alignment to be empowered.

When you are receiving the divine will of the Creator into your being and distributing it into your reality, you cannot possibly make a mistake. All that you create is in configuration with the truth of the Creator. Through acceptance of the divine will, your soul inspires you as to the most appropriate pathways for you.

What is the Divine Power of the Creator?

Divine power has nothing to do with control, influence or authority. Instead it is the creative force that empowers or brings things into manifestation or physical experience. Power can be expressed through your being, yet your true divine power is your ability to bring thoughts, feelings and ideas into manifestation and active presence.

Divine power is the active process of manifestation through or into one of the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. When you bring things into manifestation on the Earth, they have been drawn forth from another dimension to vibrate in your dimension and reality to be of use or value to you.

Divine power is the change in vibration and frequency of energy and how it impacts its place of anchoring. It is also the driving force which supports the evolution and expansion of the Creator and all aspects of the Creator.

Co-Creating with Divine Will and Divine Power

The conscious downloading and activation of the divine will and power of the Creator within your being creates a potent source to fuel that which you wish to manifest. The divine will bring forth the vibration of harmony and the presence of fulfilling opportunities as well as a feeling of being supported and inspired.

The divine power energises your focus and anchors the appropriate vibrations into manifestation. When you can access and experience the synthesis of divine will and power within your being as an energy, light or knowingness, you have all you require to manifest the reality you desire.

Then there is simply a need to discover what you wish to manifest for yourself, your reality, and to support others. This can sometimes be more challenging as discovering what you need in your current stage of ascension and life is very different to discovering what you want, although they can be the same.

I, Master El Morya, wish to share with you my guidance on how to create your reality. These will be steps that encourage you to enter into the most appropriate state of being and mind to serve you and empower your manifestation abilities. You will notice that most of the practices I share with you will be focused upon discovering what you need to create complete fulfilment and realising that this is not always the same as what you want or believe will create fulfilment.

Steps to Support You in Creating Your Reality

  • Recognising the Synthesis of Divine Will and Power

Take your attention to your Soul Star Chakra above your Crown Chakra. Say out loud, ‘I am now ready and willing to acknowledge and experience the synthesised presence of divine will and divine power within my soul and entire being.’

Focus on discovering and experiencing the energy and merging with your entire being. Move through each chakra repeating the statement and acknowledging the presence of divine will and power, until you truly believe in the energy’s presence within your being and can recognise it vibrating through and from you.

  • Want and Need

Write down on one side of a piece of paper what you want in your life, then on the other side what you need in your life. Observe and contemplate these two lists and how they differ. Do you feel more attached to one list than another? Do these two lists represent fulfilment to you?

  • A Fulfilled Being

Imagine yourself as a fulfilled being, what do you look like, what does your reality look like and who is present with you? Write down what you receive. Allow yourself to connect with the feeling of fulfilment experiencing it radiating from your essence into your being and reality. You may wish to practice this a few times, observing whether you as a fulfilled being changes in anyway. Complete this process until you feel you have accessed a true and pure understanding of who you are as a fulfilled being.

  • I Choose to Manifest

Allow yourself to connect with your inner synthesised energy of divine will and divine power. With this sacred energy emanating from your being imagine you allow your reality to drift away and you are simply your soul and the expression of divine will and power.  Then repeat:

‘I am the source of my creations; therefore, I choose to manifest…………………………….’

Allow yourself to complete the statement with whatever comes to you or feels guided. When you are satisfied with your complete statement and it feels meaningful and exciting, allow yourself to focus upon the statement as much as possible each day.



  • Making a Request

You draw energy from other dimensions to anchor into your reality, therefore the energy becomes useful or valuable to you. The manifestation of energy flows down your being, meaning from head to toe, grounding into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet.

I, Master El Morya advise you to write a paragraph of request. This is to request for that which you wish to experience to be drawn forth from the most appropriate dimension of energy into grounding and manifestation within your physical reality. Write about making the request to your soul, soul group, the universe and the Creator. Describe that which you wish to manifest, whether you wish it to ground into your body or reality and how it could appear once manifested. Explain the feeling and value of the manifestation. It can be as short or as long as you wish, keep it focused and committed rather than unclear and blurry. Read this often out loud.

Imagine yourself receiving the energy as it moves through your being and anchors into your Earth Star Chakra.

Your thoughts and feelings create the reality you experience, let your thoughts and feelings be aligned with your desired manifestation. If this does not occur, examine what is blocking or distracting you from placing your focus where it is needed and required.

With love and abundant blessings,

Master El Morya

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Choices, Choices....By Ann Albers


Hi Dear Friends!

Choices, choices! We love them and we hate them... Here's how to love making them! Enjoy!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels.....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your life is filled with choices from the moment you awaken until the moment you fall asleep. You decide, for example, to open your eyes or not when your alarm rings. You decide if you will get up, get out of bed, and go to work or get to your day’s tasks. You decide what to wear, what to eat, what to think, what to say, and so much more.

Your soul loves choice! If you were denied the gift of free will you would find life very boring. God could have forced every single one of you to live a life of bliss –  one with no choices whatsoever – but in that reality, very few of you would be inspired to learn and grow. You would have little inspiration to create. You would enjoy life for a while. Eventually you would get bored.

Imagine you are gifted a vacation for an entire lifetime. You will stay in the same beautiful home. You would be told to do wonderful activities every day. You would be given wonderful meals every day. You would have no choice in anything, even though everything handed to you would be good. You might enjoy this life for years, perhaps decades. Eventually, however, you would crave your freedom. You would want choice.

Interestingly, many of you have a love/hate relationship with your choices...

If someone robs you of your choices you feel deprived. If the grocery store is out of your favorite ice cream, some of you would be frustrated. If your boss "breathes over your shoulder" and dictates how you are to perform every little task, you’re likely to become annoyed. If you were told that in order to be healthy you had to severely limit your diet, many of you would get very upset and even rebel, eating more of the food you think you “shouldn’t!”

You love choice, and yet many choices agonize or irritate you. You look in your closet in the morning, for example, and can't figure out which outfit to wear. You want to eat well but don't know what is really good for you. You may have to make financial decisions, decide which house to buy, where to live, or even how to care for a dying loved one.

So how do you go about loving your choices with as much enthusiasm and excitement as your soul does? In reality it isn't so hard after all...

You start by understanding that your choices are how you explore your likes and dislikes. Your choices give you freedom to see who you are and who you can become. In every present moment you have the opportunity to make new choices!

What agonizes you is feeling as if you could make a wrong choice, a choice that will lead to loss, upset, unhappiness, criticism or other unpleasant feelings. However, if you make a choice that feels good now, and then you make a choice that feels good in the next now, and so on and so forth, then your life will be a series of happy "nows!" From our perspective, which is based on an understanding of the vibrational nature of reality, no choice is more important to your future than the energy with which you make it right here, right now.

We have to repeat that - No choice is more important to your future than the energy with which you make it right here, right now.

Suppose you feel fearful about your financial state or your financial future. This fear blocks the abundance that is trying to come into your life. It opens you up to the predatory forces in the universe. Someone recommends a "get rich quick investment" to you. It looks great on paper! You trust this person. You make the investment. A year later you realized you're going to lose all that money. The choice was not the problem, dear ones. The energy of lack that led to it is what caused you the agony.

So rather than agonizing about your choices, pay more attention to your energy. If you had been in a vibration of faith, abundance, and gratitude for all you had, you would have paid attention to your instincts at the time and those subtle feelings of, "Well maybe this doesn't feel quite right." You would have been guided towards better opportunities that were a vibrational match. You would have kept your money and made more.

Suppose you stand in your closet agonizing about which outfit to wear from a feeling of being "frumpy." Nothing is going to look great. Instead shut your eyes and feel your radiant light and inner beauty. Tell yourself you're gorgeous inside and out. Feel it. Now open your eyes. Choose an outfit. You'll look radiant in anything.

Say you need to choose a retirement home for an aging parent. This can be one of life's most difficult choices. It doesn't have to be. Focus first on how much you love your parent. Imagine them receiving impeccable care. Love yourself enough to tell yourself you have help from the Source who also loves your parents. In this energy you will be both guided and discerning. If you make your choice from fear, you'll listen to others above your inner voice.

If you don't like the choice you made yesterday, or even two seconds ago, you can shift your energy and make a newer, better choice. You can "change on a dime" as your saying goes. You can shift directions at any time. The universe doesn't keep score. This might make others around you uncomfortable, but you'll live a happier life... and everyone around you will have to grow! Your soul will be thrilled!

Dear ones, you cannot make a wrong choice. You can only make choices that give you outcomes you enjoy and choices that don't. However, you always have the chance to change again and again and again! You always have the chance to correct your energy and attract absolute miracles. You need never ever suffer from the effects of a past choice if you're willing to get your energy right in the present. Now is the time to enjoy your freedom. And Now. And Now again!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann.....

Here are some pointers this week to help you more easily make guided, happy choices...

1. Before making a choice, always ask yourself, "What do I want out of this situation? How do I want to feel when this choice is over?

Say you are trying to decide if you should fix up your home or move. You decide you want to live in a beautiful place that makes you feel expansive. You start to imagine what that might feel like. Now you can envision your home updated. Does it match that feeling? You can look at new homes. Do they match that feeling? Whatever matches that feeling first is the right answer. Wait till reality matches the feeling.

Suppose you are choosing between various schools for you child. You want one that is reasonably convenient for you and a wonderful school for child. You want to feel relaxed, secure, and happy with the education, community and more. Imagine how that feels. Now think of school #1 and see if you feel the way you want to feel. Do the same for the others.

Your soul scans the quantum field, connects with possible futures and determines if they match your desired future energy!

2. If nothing feels right now, wait!

Better to postpone a choice and even miss an opportunity, than to force yourself to make one that doesn't feel right. Fear creates urgency. Love creates a sense of "all is well." Wait until a choice feels right. The right ones will still be there for you. The wrong ones will disappear.

3. If everything feels right, pick one and commit

Sometimes you are blessed with too many good choices! You have a closet full of beautiful clothes, a fridge full of good food. You have a beautiful home to enjoy and the majesty of nature beckoning to be explored. You have a kindle or a bookshelf full of books to read!

If one choice doesn't stand out as feeling the best, matching your energy the best, then good news. Pick one! Flip a coin. Never look back! Only look forward and make new choices again and again as you learn. It isn't worth worrying about which is the "best of the best of the best" if all feel well. Just choose

I would rather have choice and learn from it, than have everything dictated to me. I want the full human experience. Some of my choices have led to some pretty intense lessons because I refused to readjust along the way with new ones. Some of my choices have course corrected me quickly into beautiful situations. Some just lead to bliss. The more and more I make choices now and now... the better it gets.

So, "If you had to choose now, what would you choose?" Answer, even if that means you'd choose not to make a decision now! After all, even no choice is a choice!

Love you all! Happy choosing!

Video - "You Are The Divine Architect Of Your Life By Emmanuel Dagher"

You Are Never Alone By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to remember that we are surrounded by Wings of Love and Support at all times.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


  There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.
As we evolve into true multidimensional beings, there are times when we are feeling empty, disconnected and even abandoned. This can usually mean we are about to take a leap in energy to a greater expression of ourselves. As intriguing as that sounds, it can be profoundly uncomfortable.

We are in a powerful time that is encouraging us to liberate ourselves from our old ways of being. There are shifts in energy occurring within us that are requiring us to have the faith and trust enough to let ourselves expand into new aspects of life, even when they are unknown to us.

These feelings of disconnection are the indicators that we are about to move into a more expanded level of being, just as electricity in a house needs to be shut off in order for new wiring to be put into place.

Finding a place of neutrality and balance within us during times of outward upheaval becomes vitally important to our well-being. If we try to protect ourselves by contracting energetically in the face of challenging frequencies, we can feel as though we are cut off from our Soul and its guidance system. For me, this causes all sorts of old fear patterns to surface.

If I allow myself to run the chaotic energy I see in the world through my energy system, a downward spiral can develop which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and alone.
It is in these times that this Gabriel Message just seems to fall out of the set of cards, reminding me of the truth of my existence — that I am always receiving God's love, that I am never alone, and that my connection to Source energy is only a breath away. It is only when I start to breathe more deeply and slow down that I can actually feel more alignment with my Source energy.

When I feel confusion and sense of disconnection, it's my clue to surrender to the process of realignment that is going on within me, rather than trying in vain to find the old connections that no longer exist.

We are moving into new levels of consciousness very quickly now. The faster I let go of the old ideas about how I am progressing, the easier it is on my nervous system. No matter how hard I try to box them into old forms, the energy connections are very different in feeling. I am being inspired and guided in new ways that can change moment to moment. It is a powerful opportunity to learn to treat myself with loving-kindness and to trust more.
Everyone is experiencing this opening in their own way, so our ability to stay neutral and balanced in our heart is extremely important. The consciousness of the Earth and all those living upon her is expanding and becoming more filled with Light. Whatever is not in alignment with this expansion is showing up to be transmuted.

The good news is that we are being inspired and guided through this process of expansion by the Divine Presence of Love, eternally caring for us, always present, offering all that we need to fulfill our Soul's purpose in every moment. And we are never alone, no matter what we think about it.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for inspiring me in resourceful ways to stay balanced within myself through times of spaciousness, as well as times of upheaval. Help me to remember that there is a Greater Power working within me as I expand to allow the new frequencies of Light to be present within my human form.

As I continue to stay in Alignment with my Source energy, help me to stay grounded and gracefully release old patterns that may be surfacing. I offer all that I am, all that I do and all that I say to Divinity working in and through my being, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
The Gabriel Messages Book #28

There has never been a time when you were alone,
no matter how you felt.

Archangel Gabriel.....

Dear One,

If you only knew how much you are loved and cared for, you would see your life in a different light. There are Angels who have been with you since your birth, and some from before your birth who have been with you for eons of time. These Angels are here to bless you, to protect you, to care for you, and to love you as you walk your earthly journey.
You have only to turn within and you will find us. You have only to look around you, and you will find Angels manifested in different forms everywhere, giving love to you.
Open your mind and heart to receive this love and you will find miracles manifesting in your life. It is this willingness to receive that allows miracles to occur for you.
In your darkest hours we have been there. It is not that the Angels are here to take away your pain or your lessons learned through experience.
The Angels are here for you to turn to in those hours of need. We are here to assist you so you will have the courage to go on, and find peace within your heart.
You are on this planet to learn and to choose between the darkness and the light. Even if you choose darkness, there are Angels who will neither forsake you nor leave you. However, if you choose darkness you will feel very alone, and life will be a continuous struggle.
If you choose Divine Light, the Angelic voices are raised in magnificent rejoicing and all manner of assistance, seen and unseen, will be there to illuminate your path. Choosing to live in the light can simply mean to turn over your burdens and struggles to a Higher Power, and to ask the Angels to assist you in finding your way to peace, happiness and prosperity. These are the qualities of God in which you are meant to live.
Choosing Light means praying for the Divine Presence to fill you to overflowing with love and peace. It means taking the time to visualize your self filled and surrounded by light, and even drinking in the Divine Light in order to nourish your heart and soul. Not only will this affect your mental and emotional state, but your physical body will also benefit.
The Angels are God's messengers. We live in the Light. All the forces of good in the Universe are here to assist you. so you too can live in the Light and find peace and happiness within yourself. It is up to you to ask to know this as truth in your life. Open your mind and heart to receive all the love that is here for you right now. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 2, 2018
Video - "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" -

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Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality.

Get excited and give thanks BEFORE it manifests.

Be bold--and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

You are only as comfortable as you believe you deserve to be.

What you chase will flee from you, what you resist will persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

 In every moment is a choice of Love or fear.

The lie is to say "I did not create this"

Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it.

Do not think you can direct the course of Love, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours.

There is no need to go looking for Love when that is where you are coming from.

Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing.

You cannot control anything for which you haven't assumed full responsibility.

It is always only at the end when one finds that the answer was in the approach.

The very thing that is continually sabotaging your efforts is your attachment to results.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thinking.

Obedience in Love fulfills all lesser laws.

Renunciation is equivalent to possession.

To have what you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done.

The ordering of the mind is the ordering of the Universe.

All rising to a great place is via a winding stair.

A lie is simply that which is its own evidence.

Just because something doesn't exist does not necessarily mean it can't be a useful tool.

Happiness is not an outcome - it is a choice - a choice of doing what needs doing right now with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

To find out more about your true purpose, learn to monitor and examine your thoughts and discover what your mind is presenting to you that is leading you astray or sabotaging your efforts.

When you are in alignment with your true purpose, what you KNOW, what you SEE, what you SAY, what you LOVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO are all the same thing.

If you wouldn't tolerate a robber in your house, why would you allows negative thoughts to reside in  your mind ?

 The ONLY thing you really need to "master" is the NOW. Everything you need - indeed all your control is in this present moment. Learn to go within the NOW and you will never go without again.

It is only in SILENCE that you will hear what the universe most wants to tell you. The rest of the time, that message is drowned out by the din of your own thoughts.

A sufficiently strong desire can bring you anything you want - but beware: Make absolutely sure that it is something you will love - not just something you THINK you will love.

One of the secrets of success is to always know the inevitable reaction that always follows any given action and be prepared for it.

You become what you think about most - and the greatest secret is that you will never know what that is.

Things are rarely what they appear to be. The universe is a paradox and so will only grant life to that which is also paradoxical.

We are reflections of the very process we seek to understand. Know THYSELF.

 If you wish to become the best YOU you can be, then the coincidence of the your reality with your own thoughts is the nature of the threshold to be crossed.

It is not impossible to understand that which is authentic and interdimensional with a mentality where such breadth of function is denied by ego.

The most important focus is on the personal ability manifest thought.This is the sole attribute of [a] man that will endow him with the ability to negotiate the circumstances being increasingly identified from various sources. However, it is not enough to “visualize peace.” One must be able to invest one’s libido or vital force in the posture of “having already created a circumstance of peace,” in which one has already transacted one’s life. One must live out a script which is not punctuated with a final period at death.

If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Be careful what you exchange it for. Don't invest your life and soul into something that will not benefit you.

Dream your life and LIVE your dreams. If you immerse yourself in your desire so much that you forget you don't have it, you will get it. This is due to the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Learn to go within and you will never go without again.

Learn to see the blessings in everything that happens. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, but you will find them if you look hard enough.



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