Each Of You Are Created In The Beauty Of The Creator's Perfection - Know This !

Each Of You Are Created In The Beauty Of The Creator's Perfection - Know This !

Federation of Light Message Via Blossom Goodchild Dec 9, 2018

Blossom: Hello there! Feeling bright and Light and ready to converse! Yourselves?

Federation Of Light (FOL): We are indeed of a Lightness that is all consuming and fun to be within.

Blossom: I like your style and opening line! A question asked to put to you is, ‘Will these new energies change us anatomically and physically as a result of our aligning/activating? Will it be more obvious in some than others? Thank you for any response offered.

FOL: Thank you. We would suggest that one‘s anatomy and physicality will indeed be realigning, as these Higher degrees of Energy intercede with ALL THAT IS. As with so much that ‘crosses your path’ in ways of suggestion … by us/through us … we would also add, that so much is aided along by the thoughts that one has.

You may have noticed the quickening effect within/upon manifestation with these Higher Energies. Sometimes, it can be as quick as the thought is offered … there, low and behold is the result. So, we would say jokingly … do be aware of that which you desire … that which you think!

Blossom: I understand this. I so loved a pair of earrings I have … feathers! I had the thought ‘I hope I never lose them’ … Next day, lost one! So back to the body if we may?

FOL: Who you are … has to be told by ‘who you are’ … of that which it desires. These Higher Energies are flowing in to assist. This is their purpose. If one desires the ailments of the inner workings of the body to disappear … or the ageing process to ‘stop’ … then one must, in the fullest of confidence …  in the fullest of KNOWING … let the ‘self’ KNOW that this is the plan.

Blossom: So, you are saying that as long as we let ‘ourselves’ KNOW  that we wish to regress physically in age or, we no longer ‘require’ ailments that we thought on a particular level of ourselves would serve us … that we just tell ourselves this … and it will happen?

FOL: In a nutshell … this is of Truth.

Blossom:And out of a nutshell?

FOL: It still is of TRUTH.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to BE any way you want to be. Yet, even though you can say … ‘Yes, I know this, therefore, I will do it … I will make it happen’ … you have got to understand that it would not happen overnight, as it is your … whole /entire … system that has to KNOW it, also.

Every cell, every tissue, every bone, every muscle, everything that you ‘BELIEVE’ that you are, has to KNOW THIS IN TRUTH also, otherwise, the ‘change’ cannot happen.

Blossom: So, how do we let this KNOWLEDGE be KNOWN deep within us?

FOL: By KNOWING it deep within.

Blossom: Thank you for that! Perhaps you didn’t understand me?

FOL: Oh! We did! Understand that so much of the world you ‘think’ you live in … is not as it actually is. You have to search deep within to KNOW this.

Blossom: Do you mean by the programming that is designed to … detract us /distract us … and taken away our power?

FOL: We say that your POWER has not been taken away … it can never be taken away.


It is that this ‘programming’ has made you ‘think’ in a certain way. You think this and that about this and that. We now tell you to think THIS about THAT and THAT about THIS.

Blossom: You ARE in jovial form … So, you mean to turn things around?

FOL: Yes. Completely! POWER ITSELF cannot be ‘taken away’.


We come in conversation with you to explain these KNOWINGS … that YOU, MUST THEN, KNOW!

You must TRUST YOURSELVES and FEEL deep within these KNOWINGS. The more you do so … the more you choose to align with this TRUTH … the more ‘results’ will be shown unto you.

Video: "Embody & Harmonize With The Creator's Love" - https://youtu.be/3_iuqqeNXgQ

FOL: Let us put this to you? Do you think the Divine Creator of Divine Human Beings would design the beautiful structure and all its inner workings of the body to shrivel, bring pain and eventually give up its functioning, due to exhaustion of ‘LIFE  Itself’? Seriously?

No. This, of course, is not so. What is Divine about that? Your amazing humanness was designed to go on until you no longer required to experience the Planet. So, you would choose to simply, lay down the body … either to dissolve back into Energy … or an arrangement would be made for another soul to occupy it.

You, in order to regain this POWER of Divinity within your bodies, must KNOW this as a reality. You must take your knowledge into the understanding that the physicality that you are conditioned to expect … is simply that … a conditioning. A conditioning that has become so set in the very Vibrations that … are/were … that it is common knowledge that one ages, shrivels and takes their leave. Often in the most humiliating and disrespectful of ways.

THEREFORE … you must de-programme this conditioning. You have not seen through the lies you have been spun.



Search your souls. Deeply search your soul for its TRUTH. Remember the beautiful design that you were created within. Such beauty! You hear of stories told perhaps of Beings from ‘elsewhere’ being of such eternal youth, of such agility … of such mindful knowledge … THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!


Do you think you are capable of this?

Blossom: Me personally?   Eh, I don’t know how to answer that. If you were to ask, ‘Do you think this is possible?’…  I would say, yes. Yet, me, actually manifesting that … literally manifesting that … I am unsure. So, I see your point. It is not that I do not think it possible. I know EVERYTHING is possible. Yet … I’m shooting myself in the foot here. For if I KNOW everything is possible, why would I not be able to do this personally?

FOL: You see, this is what we are trying to explain, Blossom. You have to take your Awareness to a much deeper stronger KNOWING of WHAT IS. If you believe everything is possible … then it comes from a half-hearted perspective … with respect. Yet, when you KNOW everything is possible … it is a Game Changer.

Blossom: So, how can it be that I fully accept that everything is possible … and I came to that conclusion a long time ago and yet … I don’t TRULY KNOW IT? How can one accept and yet, not know …if you understand my dilemma?

FOL: Your ‘dilemma’ … as you put it, is exactly what we are talking about. You need to bring the acceptance of understanding this … to the acceptance of KNOWING it.

Blossom: Yep. I get this … yet, how? If I KNOW I can get rid of all my aches and pains and move my physicality into the Higher Vibrational Energies … … … …

May we interrupt?  Your physicality HAS to move into the Higher Vibrational Energies with you.

Blossom: I can feel so much you want to say about this, yet, hard to find the starting point. I’ll try and unscramble this mass of ‘KNOWLEDGE’ that flooded in all at once.

FOL: Your physicality IS changing with the assistance of the Higher Vibrations coming in. We have spoken of ‘unusual physical notifications’ as it is doing so. However, at the same time … it can be GREATLY assisted by you … by sending the codes/thoughts to the entire workings of your body that you are assisting it in this lifting … in this transformation.

VISUALISE your new agility. Visualize and FEEL your way into its new physique. Tell your body, through Loving it for what it is now … that together, you are moving it into a more Glorious form of itself.

Dearest souls, as YOU recognize the LIGHT within you … in a way of recognition you have not been able to, until now … you will KNOW that which is taking place, is doing so on all levels.

On ALL levels you are ‘integrating’ with these Tripled Energies flowing into your Planet and your Beings.

You are being upgraded as you sleep. This is why so many are, upon awakening, feeling as if they have done a day’s work. These upgrades of EVERYTHING that you are … take a little time to ‘sink in’.

Yet, KNOW this is what is taking place. Allow this to take place. Accept this is taking place and be Joyful.

This is so very important to know this as your reality!

So much lies ahead, when this knowing of LIGHT within you will be your anchor. When you have to hold on to this Truth of ‘who you are’, in order to keep grounded and make sense of everything.

It is so much closer now to becoming a Topsy Turvy world and therefore, we send these words with a sense of urgency almost … in that … You have to take your acknowledgment of TRUE SELF and embed it into your heart, body, and soul.

Every part of you must come to the realization of this TRUTH in order to proceed with your plans when the time is upon you.

We have spoken so often and so has that of the Divine Energy White Cloud … of the ‘situation’ of each Awakened soul having an envelope within side of you … and when the time is upon you … the envelope will be opened and there will be your … ‘notes/orders’ … of what ‘YOU’ as the individual are to carry out.

AT LAST, you will KNOW why you are here. For so many feel there is so much more to why they are here, than they feel in the present moment.


 And …

WITH THAT DEEPER KNOWING … Your Light shines more Brightly than ever before … as you also FEEL the strength of the POWER that lies within you and all you can do with it … for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

YOU SHALL BE SET FREE … and within YOUR FREEDOM, you have the keys to open the door for millions of others who are unaware that they were enslaved.

We feel this is enough now energetically, to consume.


As must you.

We KNOW you can FEEL the Energy of the Truth of these words within your activated heart space at this time.

Remain in that Truth.

So close now …

I will not ask ‘to what’? For surely, deep inside … we KNOW! In so much Gratitude, In Loving service. I AM.

 Video of this message - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lu9-zou-fA

Video - "The Healing Chambers of The Archangels Are Here For You Now !"


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