A Season of Romance - September 2019 - By

Emmanuel Dagher

Hi my friend,

Welcome to a brand-new month and season! As the energies begin to shift to a new direction, September will be filled with many surprises, so let’s jump right into it all!

A Deeper Connection

The energies coming in at this time are giving us the opportunity to strengthen our connection to the Source of all life.

What will this look like for our everyday lives?

The purpose of every human being—the purpose we’ve carried throughout all time and space—is simply to come home to ourselves.

Coming home to ourselves” is another way of saying we’ve consciously chosen to remember and connect with our core essence. And that we’ve fully acknowledged our Oneness with the Source of All That Is.

Coming home to ourselves is less about reaching a destination, and more about a shift in awareness that can only happen as we embrace being in the present.

Coming home to ourselves allows us to transcend illusions of separation, fear, and survival-based conditioning. It helps us connect with and embody the unwavering peace that has always been beneath it all.

Isn’t that interesting to contemplate? That underneath all fear, worry, lack, doubt, and other survival-based conditioning, unconditional peace - Love is always there.

How does it make your Spirit feel when you read this statement? Does it feel more expansive? Or does it feel more constricted?

The mind may try to create stories that limit its ability to tap into feelings of unconditional peace. Yet it only does that because it’s trying to keep itself safe and comfortable by doing what has worked for it in the past, which is to use survival-oriented coping patterns.

If this happens, thank the mind for trying to protect you and itself the best way it knows how. The mind just desires to be acknowledged and loved by you.

As it receives acknowledgment and love from you on a consistent basis, it will be less likely to resort to survival-based thought patterns for shock effect, just to get your attention.

September will offer us the opportunity to begin shifting our relationship with our mind, so that we can come home to ourselves, and experience the deep connection to Spirit/Source/the Universe that we have desired since the day we were born on this planet and into third dimensional existence.

The Season of Romance

When we reflect on the word romance, we usually think about it as two souls coming together to share an intimate, open, vulnerable exchange of love.

This is a beautiful way to see romance, yet that is not a complete view of it.

That view will always leave us yearning and desiring something from others they just cannot give us.

It’s why most people move through life feeling as though something is missing. That need creates an inner void that just doesn’t seem to get filled.

The need to find something outside ourselves to fill that void can leave us in search mode indefinitely, as we never really feel settled and at peace.

The remedy to all of this is to cultivate the kind of romance that will give us the peace, fulfillment, joy, love, prosperity, and well-being we have always searched for.

The only kind of love relationship that will ever give us these blessings is the one we have with ourselves.

Have you romanced yourself lately, if ever? Have you taken the time to honor and acknowledge your magnificence?

Have you taken the time to love every part of you, from the inside out?

When we fall deeply in love with a partner, it’s very hard to see any flaws in them in the beginning courting stages. We only see the pure soul essence of who they are.

What would happen if we gave ourselves this same gift?

Would we be able to move out of self-judgment more quickly, and fully see our perfection? Even those parts of us we once believed were imperfect?

We are now in a time where we can heal all of those prehistoric, human-made beliefs about romance not being an inside job. Beliefs that say it’s selfish to love ourselves—that it’s arrogant, or not spiritual.

All of those beliefs can be resolved, healed, and alchemized now.

They have served their purpose. They’ve helped us come to where we are now, in our individual lives and in our collective consciousness.

We don’t need these archaic patterns anymore, because they are no longer aligned with the direction our world and Universe are moving in.

We have evolved, and will continue to evolve exponentially over the coming days, weeks, months, and years.  We have outgrown the primal parts of us that prefer to remain in the illusions of separation and fear.

That is not who we are, or have ever been at our core, and it took us forgetting who we are, for us to come to this point in humanity’s history, so that we could remember again.

So, over the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, we will be given the opportunity to shed many of the outdated belief patterns we once allowed to hold us back from being our most authentic, soul-satisfied selves. 

Let this be the season of you choosing to make yourself the top priority in your life.

Let this be the season you commit to loving and honoring yourself from now on, the way you have always desired a partner to do for you.

Allow the supportive healing energies coming in at this time from the celestial heavens and skies to lift you up, so that you raise up in love every aspect of your emotional, mental, physical, and etheric bodies.

You deserve this. This is what the Universe/your Spirit has always desired for you to give to yourself.

If you’re ever not sure how, ask for extra support from your I AM/Spirit Self, and Source Energy itself. They are beyond ready, and able to support you.

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So how do we romance ourselves?

A loving relationship with ourselves requires three simple things:

1. Complete Acknowledgment of Our Inner and Outer Self – This means we are fully committed to seeing, hearing, and giving attention to every aspect of our body/mind/Spirit.

If we are judging our body for being “too heavy” or “too thin,” we are not fully acknowledging and honoring our body.

When this happens, thank the mind for resorting to old coping patterns to keep itself safe, and imagine your body being represented by your 3-year-old self.

Embrace that child, and hold her/him in your arms for as long as needed, until you feel a softening/peaceful sensation in your body and mind.

2. Complete Commitment to Ourselves – This means we are choosing to make ourselves a top priority in our lives. We are choosing to cultivate a daily practice that nourishes our body/mind/Spirit.

Reflect on some of the things you loved doing as a child.

Did you like to sing, paint, draw, dance, spend time in nature, play sports, build things? Anything we love doing is a golden nugget that helps lead us back to our true self.

Give yourself permission to integrate these blessings back into your life now.

3. Alignment with the Present – Although “being present” sounds like a trivial concept, it can be quite challenging for most people, because up until now we have been conditioned to live in a survival-based world.

When we are in survival, we are not ourselves. We become a shell of ourselves, living outside our bodies and the present moment.

This shell either lives in fear of the future, or dwells persistently on the past. It is never able to fully receive or be in the present moment.

Joy itself is the ability to fully receive and be in the present.

That’s why we may notice that those who meditate, and spend time aligning with whatever helps them be fully present, are also happy and at peace with themselves.

Romancing ourselves includes giving ourselves full permission to align with the present, so that we too can connect with the inner joy and peace that has always been available to us.

As we develop a romantic love relationship with ourselves, something quite spectacular happens: The world around us begins to change, heal, and reflect the ways we are showing up for ourselves.

That includes aligning with a partner who loves us as fully as we have chosen to love ourselves. It includes aligning with a career path that liberates us, and allows us to express to the world the truest aspects of ourselves.

It also includes attracting to us daily blessings and miracles that affirm our feelings of connection to all of life itself.

And as enough of us move in this direction, our planet and the world will also heal, and reflect a new consciousness for humanity—one that operates within the freeing parameters of love.

Doesn’t that feel magical and expansive?

Now is the time for us to move in that direction. This is what the Universe desires most for us—to remember who we are, and to spend the rest of our lives honoring, loving, and acknowledging the magnificence of who we are.

Because by doing this, we are offering the Universe/Spirit the greatest honor and respect.

Onward and Upward

As with any romance, things can take a bit of time to blossom. Being gentle, patient, and kind with our mind as it learns how to open itself up to receiving love from us will be quite helpful.

In the early stages of a romance, things often come to the surface, such as our old insecurities, self-doubts, and judgments. These are just self-protection mechanisms.

If this happens, know it’s because deeply buried emotions and thought patterns are coming to the surface to be acknowledged, honored, healed, and resolved.

With this awareness, we no longer find ourselves shying away from the emotions and thoughts coming forward, but rather embrace and honor them as part of the healing process.

Doesn’t it feel extraordinary to know that there’s nothing your mind can do or say that ever justifies us being hard on it and judging it?

Even when it’s judging itself, we now have enough awareness to know that it is allowed to do that, and all that’s asked of us is to love it through that process.

So much was shared in this forecast. I’m excited to hear about how you choose to work with the opportunities we’re being given now to move into self-love in ways we’ve never experienced before!

May this September bring you home to yourself, and allow your heart, mind, and Spirit to feel loved unconditionally, always.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,



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If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

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