What Are Spiritual Blocks and How Can You Clear Them?

A spiritual blockage can really be anything that is creating resistance, and blocking you from the full perspective of your infinite potential, radiant gifts, and incredible light.

Spiritual blocks can come in the form of emotions, issues, challenges, situations or limiting beliefs and perspectives…

And while feeling blocked spiritually a a very common occurrence… Archangel Metatron and Orion want you to know that the blockages you're experiencing are essentially illusion, and angelic assistance is on hand here and now to support you in clearing your energy and letting those blocks and illusions go!

Video - https://youtu.be/0jwWbOxlgw4


Removing Spiritual Blocks Channeled with Metatron and Orion

Greetings from Archangel Metatron and Archangel Orion – We indeed, greet you in this moment now, opening a pathway of light for you to reconnect with the light of the divine and with the light of the infinite.

But understand that this pathway we open before you has been there all along. Your becoming aware of it now is made possible through a simple shift in perspective. The reality, is that the infinite Divine Light and pure Divine Source presence is indeed, always around, and within you.

You are ever connected to Source, God, All That Is, and as such, the vast and infinite light and healing and guidance of God, of light, of the Angelic realm is always available.

And yet, through the vantage and perspective of the mind… Through the lens of the ego, you can completely miss your innate Divine connection. It is possible to remain entrapped in a lower vibrational loop of judgment, doubt and even fear which creates a block, a box around your perception. But understand that even the most rigid blocks surrounding your perspective are not really there. They are illusion in the utmost.

And so, in this moment now, from within… With your imagination, your mind, and your inner awareness… Look upward.

Shift your awareness to focus on the light above shining down upon you, the light raining down upon you, and cleansing you from head to toe.

And as you allow your mind to focus on this light, to visualize the droplets of light, the sparkling iridescent light flowing in and down all around your mental, emotional, physical and energetic form, this empowers you to let go.

Let your mind focus upon the light as you now direct your awareness inward towards your heart center, feeling the light shining down upon you. Experiencing light pouring into your heart, cleansing and replenishing your heart light with the direct light of Source, of God, of Goddess, of the Infinite, of Spirit.

Let the light flow into your heart, unlocking and opening any perceived barriers, blockages or doors blocking you off from your connection with God, Light, Source, with the higher faculties of your innate light and spirit.


Open the doors that are not really there and let the box or blockage is grounded in illusion fall away.

Let perceived shackles and let any limitations of fear, insecurity, and mental programming fall away… Let negative conditioning and outdated energies of the old paradigm way of relating learned across lifetimes… Let this too, fall away.

And your team of Guides and Angels step forward to assist you in this release, releasing the illusion of blockage, the illusion of being cut off, the illusion of being disconnected, separate, or uninspired. Let this dissolve and release into the light.

Hand this over to your Angels to release into the light over to Divine Source and back into infinite love.

And now, in this time and space, we flow a great spiral of light around you, a swirl, a spiral of light which flows simultaneously in both a clockwise and counterclockwise flow. And so, from both directions, both perspectives, both vantage points of masculine, feminine, both sides of duality, both sides of the coin, your energy is cleansed, harmonized and balanced.

Anything which is not meant to be there, any illusions of your creation or created by others within the physical, any entities or attachments or fear-based constructs, any thought patterns or limiting beliefs, any and all fear energy is pulled out and released into these energetic streams or flows, so that you at the center, are empowered to shine more brightly, more harmoniously, more in alignment with your divine truth, in sync with your innate high vibrational love form.

Let your mind continue to focus on the light above, within and all around you. Allow your mind to focus on simply witnessing the love, so that you can simply feel, experience and receive the pure bright energy of Divine Love that we in the Angelic realm flow your way.

Love for you exactly as you are in this moment now.

Love for all the many challenges you have overcome.

Love for all of the illusions you have gotten caught up in, and for all of your perceived failures, shortcomings and flaws.

We love you fully and completely, exactly as you are now, and say to you, you indeed, are divine light, divine love, divine presence embodied in physical form. And your journey of returning to this connection, your journey of returning to Source, of seeking in the external, of seeking in illusion has all been part of the grand divine design…

Seeking in the external, seeking outside, experiencing being unfulfilled, being unloved, feeling unloved, being immersed in illusion has brought you lessons of immeasurable value.

And now, in this moment here and now with your mind focused on the light, so your consciousness can return inward, into your heart, into truth, and into love to reunite with your inner crystalline divine light…

You are able to reconnect with the divine light within you, the infinite love for you, that is you, that you are a part of, a part of all, a part of truth, a part of illusion, a part of light, a part of dark, All That Is, reunited through a greater level of awareness.

Experienced from a deeper perspective, from the vantage point of your seeing, perceiving, feeling, knowing, understanding through this lens of your awakened heart light.

Experiencing through infinite love your direct connection with Source which dissolves the barriers, dissolves the blockages, the walls, and the doors which have been created consciously or unconsciously, blocking you off from all that you are, blocking you off from your birthright…

Your opportunity now to embody your highest divine light, and to embody your Source Level Awareness. Through this, knowing that you are aligned with divine time, with divine will, with divine opportunity, and trusting that you are supported and guided. Trusting that you are connected and through this connection, your true heart’s calling, your true soul’s purpose is able to shine forth through all you do.

For in peeling back the illusions of mind, the limitations of your thoughts and doubts and fears, the underlying core truth of why you are here is able to brightly emerge and shine through.

Why are you really here?Tto thrive, to serve, to love, yes, through action, but more importantly, through your presence, through being, shining, living and loving as the light being embodied in physical form, you are.

Let whatever blockages remain in your mental and energetic field dissolve into the light of your own divine light being as the truth of who you are emerges at a new level, not only in your meditation, but in your life.

Recognize that the challenges leading up unto this point in time have been an integral part of your journey, and while they have brought you to the here and now…

Now is your time and now is your opportunity to turn the page.


Turn the page on the old paradigm of doubt to step into the new light of trust, to step into the flow of divine inspiration or rather, to recognize in this flow, you have always been.

When you peel back the blockages, when you cut through the illusion, when you dissolve the walls that you have consciously or unconsciously built, the flow of your Divine Life Force connection is felt.

And when you are aware of this flow, in alignment with divine time, aware of your brilliant connection in every moment with the highest levels of love, you recognize that you are able to create with this flow.

Through your simply being, shining with this level of awareness, the light flows through you and forth beyond you, weaving divine blessings into your surroundings, into your future, into your past and into your life.

Now more than ever, we send our love, and our blessing to you in this moment, so that you may feel, understand and know the flow of love you are in and that through choosing to tune into this perspective, you make this flow of love available for all life.

And so, as we flow our love and blessing your way, let yourself so too, flow the blessings of love, peace and harmony to yourself, to all areas of your life, to the earth, to all that is.

Trust and know you are in the flow of love, of life, of light. And so, it is…

Melanie Beckler

Video: "Tune Into & Embody Your Highest Flames Of Love, Light, & Power With Melanie Beckler" - https://youtu.be/6WhU35XWFDM

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