Loving Kindness Meditation By Steve Nobel ... And ... This is Love in Action and You Are That! ... And ... Letting Go into the Power of Light By Shanta Gabriel

Loving Kindness Meditation By Steve Nobel 

Loving Kindness is an ancient Buddhist practise that is also known as Metta Bhavana. Compassion and loving kindness helps us heal relationships and move forward. It also allows us to enhance our existing relationships.

Please note it is important during this process to stay focused on your cycle of breath. Secondly it is important to stay focused on the mantra, “May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from harm.” (The mantra changes when used in connection with another person, “May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from harm.”)

The steps in this meditation are as follows:

* Focus on the cycle of breath. Become present to the in-breath followed by a natural pause. Then the out-breath followed by a natural pause. Do not seek to change or force anything. As far as possible make the in-breath and out-breath of equal or similar lengths.

* After resting in this expanded state, we send loving kindness to the self. “May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from harm.”

* We then send loving kindness to a person we like or love. “May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from harm.”

* We then send loving kindness to a person we feel neutral about. “May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from harm.”

* We then send loving kindness to a person we feel challenged by. “May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from harm.”

* We then send loving kindness to the self. “May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from harm.” Then rest in this expanded state.

Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of you who read this,
Steven Hutchinson

Video: "Experience The Blessings & Healing & Transformative Power OF Judy Satori's Light Language" - https://youtu.be/rzSGHgTcMJY

This is Love in Action and
You Are That!

"Speak from your heart," the Grandmothers said as soon as I stood before them ... "and, as your heart speaks," they smiled, "know that is we who are speaking."
They waited to be sure I understood them, then added, "Uplift.  You need to be uplifted.  It is true that evil is rising to the surface on Earth now. And, as evil rises, you yourself are also rising."  "What?" I said.  "What do you mean?" but, instead of replying, they pointed into the distance.
Far off, the Earth was rotating in space while up from its surface rose white, lighted forms.  "What's this?" I asked, wondering what it could be ... and then, all of a sudden I knew.  "This is us!" I cried.  "I'm seeing us! Human beings are rising up."  I shook my head.  "We're answering the call of the Divine.  We're stepping into power, into oneness with the Source, and we're rising."  "Yes!" the Grandmothers cried and, motioning as if to draw all of us in to them, they called, "Keep coming, keep coming."
I just stood, gaping and shaking my head until at last I was able to speak again.  "Grandmothers, I'm overwhelmed," I said.  "I thought at this time our job here on Earth was to hold steady with the Net of Light and tough it out while all the garbage floated up to the surface.  But what I'm seeing and what you're saying is more than that.  I can still see the dark stuff rising from the depths of Earth," I said, "but many of us are also rising!"  I could hardly believe what I was witnessing.  "We're lifting above the surface," I said, my voice full of wonder.  "And....  a lot of us are doing it!"   I was spellbound as lighted forms now poked up all over the Earth.
What IS this?" I asked the Grandmothers.  "I mean, what's causing it?" "What you are seeing has been created by what you are doing," the Grandmothers explained.  "You are anchoring light on Earth and at the same time elevating life on Earth.  By working with the Net of Light and embracing a life of loving service you are having a far greater effect on the energy field of your planet than you'd thought possible.
"You believe in science, " the Grandmothers said, looking me over, "yet science has thus far given you only a limited view of creation.  Because it is founded in materialism, science relates only to the material world, so, as yet there is no scientific explanation for what we are showing you. What you are witnessing here goes far beyond the physical plane," they said.  "These days you are seeing with greater vision, and as your vision continues to flower, you will see more and get to know the lighted one you truly are.  This lighted one is having a strong effect on your beloved planet.
"All your life you've been taught that you are limited, that life on Earth is limited," they said, eyes flashing, "but that is not true.  You are much more than can be seen with physical eyes.  Life is much more than can be seen with physical eyes.
"Everything we tell you is true.  We only speak truth, and, because the present times on Earth are so difficult, we knew you now needed something to uplift you," the Grandmothers said.  "You needed to see the truth of your being.  What we have shown you today is your own love in action.  You have worked so tirelessly with the Net of Light that at this point light is lifting you!  And, as you are lifted, you are automatically lifting others.  This is what you are seeing and yes, it is taking place all over the Earth.  This is the action of love," the Grandmothers said. "What you are seeing is love in action ... and you are that."tionperhaps become a Beacon on the Net of Light, go to www.netoflight.org
You may copy this message, but please copy the full message including our website links. Thank you.
Video: "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" By Natalie Glasson

Letting Go into the Power of Light By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel encourages us to let go and be free to receive what we most want to experience as Divine humans living in this physical world.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Shanta Gabrielhttps://gallery.mailchimp.com/f1eb1a943390480866073131e/images/3c66..." style="border: 0px initial; width: 250px; height: 229px; margin: 0px 15px 15px 0px; outline: none; text-decoration: none;" class="CToWUd" width="250" height="229" align="left"/>Release any need to cling to the status quo. You are being asked to let go into the power of Light, which will allow you to live in your Truth. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that everything is changing within and around us. What we have always known is morphing into a new more expanded and unknown reality. For most of us, this experience is amazingly uncomfortable. It feels like we are growing out of our skins.

Our benevolent and protective Guidance System is asking us to release any need to cling to what we have always known. The very process of letting go helps us to feel more aligned with our Soul’s Highest Reality in every moment. This alignment creates a more fulfilling and purposeful connection with Divinity working in us so we can trust our intuition more freely.

It is even more amazing when I consider that this message from Archangel Gabriel was written over 20 years ago when the power of Divine Light was only just beginning to grow stronger on the planet. As everything that I considered important was then systematically taken away from me, there could be no more clinging. Those were the years when I apparently needed the Mack Truck form of learning experience, because I ignored the type of teaching from the Angels that was more subtle and feather-like, such as this message.

The Light we are letting go into now holds greater power than 20 years ago. This Divine Light holds the key to alignment with our Heart's wisdom to help us develop all that we need to thrive in the new life awakening in our lives. When we surrender and let go into the flow of Divine Light, we are lifted up, supported and nourished by the Greatest Love there is.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for supporting and uplifting me so I may surrender into your guiding Love. Please give me the Fortitude to continue to let go gracefully of all that is not in harmony with the Divine Plan for my life.

I am grateful that I am able to listen more deeply to the Wisdom that is flowing through my heart continuously from my Soul. I am asking for the strength to stand in the Truth and Courage that is there within me.

Thank you for helping me to receive at a deeper level than ever before from the Light of Love and Wisdom within me. May all beings receive the power of Divine Light within their hearts and illuminate the consciousness of all humanity. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/f1eb1a943390480866073131e/images/f881..." style="border: 0px; width: 346px; height: 346px; margin: 0px; outline: none; text-decoration: none;" class="CToWUd a6T" width="346" height="346"/>

The Gabriel Messages #20


Release any need to cling to the status quo. You are being asked to let go into the power of Light, which will allow you to live in your Truth.

Archangel Gabriel

Dear One,

It is a new time. It is a new moment. When you cling to the status quo, you are clinging to the way things used to be. Sometimes it feels safer to hold to the old way. Change can be frightening and yet, is your world not changing constantly? In holding on to the status quo, you are clinging to a thought of how something used to be, when you have the power to change it for the better this very moment.

There is tremendous power in your thoughts. A thought is like a prayer to the universe, asking for what you want. If your thoughts are unconscious, if fears play a large part in what goes on in your mind, in effect you are asking for the things that frighten you to come into your life.
Fear is part of the status quo and the greatest fear seems to be of the unknown. Yet it is not possible to always know exactly what is to be. You are being to asked to let go of your fears and to allow the power of the light of God to guide, nourish and protect you.
Letting go is a moment to moment process. It is surrendering to the flow of life. Let go into the light, which is the flow of God moving within you at every moment. The Divine Presence is the only constant in the midst of change. This is a truth you can trust. Is not the power of light and love a greater attraction than fear and doubt? It is your attachment to wanting things never to change that holds you back.
Simply ask clearly for what you want from the Higher Power and the Angels. All the assistance you need is available to you, if you but ask. When you are free from old fears and attachments, you will know the freedom and joy of your truth. Your truth is always what makes you happy, and this is Divine Will for you at all times—God wants you to be happy.
Pray to live in the light of your truth. Know that you are divinely guided at all times. Ask for assistance to let go of fears that no longer serve you. Allow the grace of the Angels to work through you knowing you are profoundly loved.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:


Release any need to cling to the status quo. You are being asked to let go into the power of Light, which will allow you to live in your Truth.


Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
July 15, 2018
Video: "Eclipse Gateway Free Angel Card Reading" - By Melanie Beckler

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The Ways of Love

Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality.

Get excited and give thanks BEFORE it manifests.

Be bold--and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

You are only as comfortable as you believe you deserve to be.

What you chase will flee from you, what you resist will persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

 In every moment is a choice of Love or fear.

The lie is to say "I did not create this"

Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it.

Do not think you can direct the course of Love, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours.

There is no need to go looking for Love when that is where you are coming from.

Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing.

You cannot control anything for which you haven't assumed full responsibility.

It is always only at the end when one finds that the answer was in the approach.

The very thing that is continually sabotaging your efforts is your attachment to results.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thinking.

Obedience in Love fulfills all lesser laws.

Renunciation is equivalent to possession.

To have what you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done.

The ordering of the mind is the ordering of the Universe.

All rising to a great place is via a winding stair.

A lie is simply that which is its own evidence.

Just because something doesn't exist does not necessarily mean it can't be a useful tool.

Happiness is not an outcome - it is a choice - a choice of doing what needs doing right now with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

To find out more about your true purpose, learn to monitor and examine your thoughts and discover what your mind is presenting to you that is leading you astray or sabotaging your efforts.

When you are in alignment with your true purpose, what you KNOW, what you SEE, what you SAY, what you LOVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO are all the same thing.

If you wouldn't tolerate a robber in your house, why would you allows negative thoughts to reside in  your mind ?

 The ONLY thing you really need to "master" is the NOW. Everything you need - indeed all your control is in this present moment. Learn to go within the NOW and you will never go without again.

It is only in SILENCE that you will hear what the universe most wants to tell you. The rest of the time, that message is drowned out by the din of your own thoughts.

A sufficiently strong desire can bring you anything you want - but beware: Make absolutely sure that it is something you will love - not just something you THINK you will love.

One of the secrets of success is to always know the inevitable reaction that always follows any given action and be prepared for it.

You become what you think about most - and the greatest secret is that you will never know what that is.

Things are rarely what they appear to be. The universe is a paradox and so will only grant life to that which is also paradoxical.

We are reflections of the very process we seek to understand. Know THYSELF.

 If you wish to become the best YOU you can be, then the coincidence of the your reality with your own thoughts is the nature of the threshold to be crossed.

It is not impossible to understand that which is authentic and interdimensional with a mentality where such breadth of function is denied by ego.

The most important focus is on the personal ability manifest thought.This is the sole attribute of [a] man that will endow him with the ability to negotiate the circumstances being increasingly identified from various sources. However, it is not enough to “visualize peace.” One must be able to invest one’s libido or vital force in the posture of “having already created a circumstance of peace,” in which one has already transacted one’s life. One must live out a script which is not punctuated with a final period at death.

If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Be careful what you exchange it for. Don't invest your life and soul into something that will not benefit you.

Dream your life and LIVE your dreams. If you immerse yourself in your desire so much that you forget you don't have it, you will get it. This is due to the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Learn to go within and you will never go without again.

Learn to see the blessings in everything that happens. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, but you will find them if you look hard enough.



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