Loving All Life Free By Patricia Cota-Robles ... And ... Your Heart Is The Key By Tercy Logan...And...What Do We Need To Do To Ascend To The 5th Dimension? By Pauline T. Hansen

Loving All Life Free By Patricia Cota-Robles

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. As One Unified Heart, we invoke our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven to help us raise every person on Earth from a consciousness of separation and duality into a consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life. This is being accomplished by every person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you now expand your Divine Love which is pulsating within the Divinity of every person’s newly recalibrated Heart Flame. Allow your Love to flow through each person’s 5th-Dimensional Heart Chakra until it envelops the entire Planet Earth greatly intensifying our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As this unfathomable influx of Light bathes the Earth, every facet of Life is lifted into a Higher Order of Being. 

Each person’s I AM Presence now creates a sacred space in which they are able to open their 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra of Enlightenment to full breadth. This allows each person to Ascend ever higher into the awakened state of Christ Consciousness.

As this occurs, multidimensional and multifaceted 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light expands from the Heart of our Father-Mother God into every cell of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies allowing the I AM Presence of every person to take full dominion of their physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

Now, all is in readiness. Through their I AM Presence, every person on Earth is participating at both inner and outer levels in this activity of Light, which is raising the consciousness of the masses of Humanity and assisting every person to shift from the illusion of separation and duality into the Reality of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.

I now reach up into the Infinity of my own Divine Consciousness. As I AM lifted up, all of Humanity is lifted up with me. In this frequency of Divine Consciousness, I see that Humanity’s free will is becoming One with God’s Will. The I AM Presence of each person affirms, “I AM ready to Love ALL Life FREE!”   

Instantaneously, I see the Truth of every person on Earth. I see ALL of my Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, even the most recalcitrant souls, as precious Sons and Daughters of God, no matter how far their behavior patterns or their life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. I perceive all of the painful human miscreations associated with my Sisters and Brothers as innocent primordial energy entering my awareness now to be transmuted back into Light and Loved FREE.

I happily greet all of these Children of God and all of their misqualified energy the same way my Father-Mother God would greet them. I greet them with Love from within the embrace of Eternal Peace, Detachment, God Confidence, and Supreme Authority.

Within an Invincible Forcefield of God’s Infinite Love I take my Sisters and Brothers into the Kingdom of Heaven within my Heart Flame, and I hold them in my arms of Light as I would an injured child. They cannot overwhelm me or control me in any way, nor do I need to fear them or shun them. I simply hold them and Love them until they surrender to the Love of God, desiring on their own to enter the Kingdom of Heaven within the Divinity of their own Heart Flame.

Now rather than feeling rejected and thus perpetuating their negative behavior patterns, my Sisters and Brothers feel accepted and Loved as the innate Sons and Daughters of God they are. They voluntarily release themselves into the Light, and they begin to KNOW that they are ONE with ALL Life.

I rejoice that every person and their unascended energies are at long last finding their way Home and I release myself into the Peace of KNOWING:

My I AM Presence is handling ALL imperfection perfectly.”

As these precious Ones surrender to the Light, they remember that they are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. With this sacred knowledge, they once again find their proper place in the Family of Humanity. In perfect Divine Order, they are set FREE to live and co-create the patterns of Love, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life on the New Earth.  And so it is.   

Video: "Let's Help Manifest Peace On Earth" By Patricia Cota-Robles


Continuous meditation means continuous God awareness, and that continuity of awareness is for ever leading you higher and higher into the high heavens of your own mountain top. - Walter Russell

Your Heart Is The Key By Tercy Logan


As you move into fifth-dimensional energies, you will gain the ability to comprehend and to work with interdimensional and inter-universal energies. How to move third to fifth dimension? The only way that you can do this is through a huge energy boost - Spiritual Energy. This energy boost is being made available to you through the Grace of Lord Sananda - Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha.

Your heart chakra is beginning to open, and this will be the key to your transformation. Understand that your heart is the key for your total transformation. Your heart is very comfortable with this. Your heart is knowledgeable, and it knows exactly how to align for your Ascension.

Wish you a beautiful day and month ahead with lots of love & light. Tercy


If you stay in Ascension path, remain in the higher light frequencies, understand and read the signs of the times and be in alignment with Lord Sananda –Jesus and the ascended masters, you will be able to withstand the purification. You will be able to move to new world, the fifth dimension. Wish you a wonderful day to you with lots of love and light to all my Divine Friends . Tercy…


Many of us wished to be healers and many of us manifesting healing light and healing energy. Our Master Sananda- Master Jesus is the perfect example of healing. Those who come or came into Lord Sananda - Lord Jesus energy field were instantly healed. If your energy field filled with a Master’s energy, then your energy field will be the healing force, and your energy field will feel a strong awakening. Wish you a wonderful Wednesday to all my Divine Friends. Tercy


Matter is the vehicle for the expression vehicle of the soul on this plane, just as on a higher plane the soul serves as an expression vehicle for spirit. The soul is neither spirit not matter, but is the relation between the two. It is the middle link between God and form. The soul is another name for the Christ aspect. The soul is also the quality that every form manifests. It is that subtle quality which distinguishes one element from another. Wish You a wonderful weekend with lots of love & light to all my spiritual beings. Tercy

Video: "Create Your Love Body & Experience The Wholeness & Beauty Of The Creator In You !" - https://youtu.be/3_iuqqeNXgQ

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 What Do We Need To Do To Ascend To The 5th Dimension? By Pauline T. Hansen

We wish to speak to you today of the protocols of the fifth dimensional vibration that you now wish to understand in order to access it for yourselves in your daily reality. The question has been asked, “What do we need to do to ascend to the fifth dimension?”

Understand that there are preparations and purifications of consciousness that must take place. Basically, in the new reality that is now being established on the surface of your planet, the fifth dimension is not a place you will go to, but rather a state of beingness you will attain that will gradually establish the fifth dimension in your present realm.

The fifth dimension is a vibration, or rather a marriage of vibrations, represented by the energies of love, trust, compassion, faith, grace and gratitude, a frequency of the purest form.

The structures and organization of our societies in the fifth dimension flow organically from an integration of these energies by the individuals who reside here. Our Lemurian community in Telos mirrors our fifth dimensional experience as an outpouring of our combined manifestation and embodiment of these qualities in heartfelt communion with all that surrounds us.

We did not emerge from the womb with this mastery and awareness present in our consciousness, and neither do you. Even the new generations of children who arrive each day in your transitioning dimension are not fully in their mastery, although they are more awake than you were when you came. It is through the joy and the journey of this experience of Earth that we evolve. It is through the grace of this planet that evolution is and has been a part of the experience of every soul who has incarnated here. The grace of your present time is that now you may fully awaken to your mastery, and retain this consciousness for the remainder of your soul’s evolution, whether you choose to ascend and remain in this incarnation or continue to experience cycles of incarnations here or elsewhere.

We wish to share with you practices that have been the core of our spiritual evolution. We follow these practices to this day, and we share them with our children. They exist as a foundation for our constantly expanding journey through and to Creator Source. They are founded on the principle that we are all responsible for our own energy. Before unity consciousness of the fifth dimension can be fully integrated globally, this work must be done on an individual basis by each one of you. Each person must walk their own unique journey to the end; no one else can do this for you.

Most important of these practices is the offering of compassion and non-violent communication in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. Indeed, self-compassion forms the cornerstone of the spiritual awakening necessary if one is to recognize and integrate this fifth dimensional vibration. This vibration already exists around you at all times. As the frequency of the planet herself becomes more and more refined, each one of us is responsible to purify and refine their own vibration no matter what dimension we reside in.

We do this for the evolution of our Divine Essence, and we do this for the greatest good of all kingdoms which reside on and within this glorious planet we call “Mother.” This is a solemn and divine responsibility that does not rest lightly on your shoulders, and yet, confers on you a grace that is unparalleled in the history of the Earth.

You now can walk as masters and mentors yourself, even if your human form may not seem to mesh well with your remembrances of other times and places where limitlessness and infinite possibility abounded. We say to you with all of the truth that our hearts can share, that now, this present moment in Earth history, is a time of infinite possibility. This is the magical time of creation from the highest divine source to the densest in your physical reality. We know and feel your hearts greet ours in this truth, although your minds still struggle to grasp the full scope of what we are telling you. Your minds still demand ritual and rules, and proof that is irrefutable, before you will step one foot upon this new path. So we will work today with practices that, if you will allow them, can bring you back to the frequency of faith and trust instead of doubt and denial.

Many masters have shared these truths throughout the eons of evolution this planet has already experienced. But it is your experience in this lifetime that is most important. Today, you have an opportunity to hear these words again with more evolved ears, and to recognize them on a deeper heart level than ever before in your physical dimension. You have an opportunity to work with the support of all creation to bring these truths into physical manifestation. In truth, this is why you are here, and why you have been given the opportunity to incarnate at this time."

As your respected Native Elders have told you....


( From "Telos Book 3" by Aurelia ).
Video: "Ascension Activations For You ! By Susan Shumsky -

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The Ways of Love

Our job is to clear resistance to what we want --higher vibrational reality.

Get excited and give thanks BEFORE it manifests.

Be bold--and mighty forces will come to your aid.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.

You are only as comfortable as you believe you deserve to be.

What you chase will flee from you, what you resist will persist and what you invalidate you will absolutely empower.

 In every moment is a choice of Love or fear.

The lie is to say "I did not create this"

Heaven is visible for all those who wish to see it.

Do not think you can direct the course of Love, for if it finds you worthy, it will direct yours.

There is no need to go looking for Love when that is where you are coming from.

Look at what is troubling you and you will only find things you shouldn't be doing.

You cannot control anything for which you haven't assumed full responsibility.

It is always only at the end when one finds that the answer was in the approach.

The very thing that is continually sabotaging your efforts is your attachment to results.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thinking.

Obedience in Love fulfills all lesser laws.

Renunciation is equivalent to possession.

To have what you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done.

The ordering of the mind is the ordering of the Universe.

All rising to a great place is via a winding stair.

A lie is simply that which is its own evidence.

Just because something doesn't exist does not necessarily mean it can't be a useful tool.

Happiness is not an outcome - it is a choice - a choice of doing what needs doing right now with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul.

To find out more about your true purpose, learn to monitor and examine your thoughts and discover what your mind is presenting to you that is leading you astray or sabotaging your efforts.

When you are in alignment with your true purpose, what you KNOW, what you SEE, what you SAY, what you LOVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL and what you DO are all the same thing.

If you wouldn't tolerate a robber in your house, why would you allows negative thoughts to reside in  your mind ?

 The ONLY thing you really need to "master" is the NOW. Everything you need - indeed all your control is in this present moment. Learn to go within the NOW and you will never go without again.

It is only in SILENCE that you will hear what the universe most wants to tell you. The rest of the time, that message is drowned out by the din of your own thoughts.

A sufficiently strong desire can bring you anything you want - but beware: Make absolutely sure that it is something you will love - not just something you THINK you will love.

One of the secrets of success is to always know the inevitable reaction that always follows any given action and be prepared for it.

You become what you think about most - and the greatest secret is that you will never know what that is.

Things are rarely what they appear to be. The universe is a paradox and so will only grant life to that which is also paradoxical.

We are reflections of the very process we seek to understand. Know THYSELF.

 If you wish to become the best YOU you can be, then the coincidence of the your reality with your own thoughts is the nature of the threshold to be crossed.

It is not impossible to understand that which is authentic and interdimensional with a mentality where such breadth of function is denied by ego.

The most important focus is on the personal ability manifest thought.This is the sole attribute of [a] man that will endow him with the ability to negotiate the circumstances being increasingly identified from various sources. However, it is not enough to “visualize peace.” One must be able to invest one’s libido or vital force in the posture of “having already created a circumstance of peace,” in which one has already transacted one’s life. One must live out a script which is not punctuated with a final period at death.

If there is ONE thing that can be deemed to be your greatest enemy - it is your own ego. Do all things with Love for others in mind - and the power of Love will protect you from life's fiercest storms.

If you really wish to help yourself, but cannot work out HOW, then simply help others. We are all ONE on the higher levels of being and by helping others, you actually help YOURSELF.

If you are making a request to the universe (or praying) for something, know that it is only requests that ask TO love that will be answered, not ones that ask FOR love.

Realise that if you rely on your past experience or knowledge for the attainment of some outcome, then the results of that outcome can never be better than the previous ones.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Be careful what you exchange it for. Don't invest your life and soul into something that will not benefit you.

Dream your life and LIVE your dreams. If you immerse yourself in your desire so much that you forget you don't have it, you will get it. This is due to the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Learn to go within and you will never go without again.

Learn to see the blessings in everything that happens. Sometimes they are very difficult to find, but you will find them if you look hard enough.



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